Monday, January 5, 2009

Basic Outline for 1 John

1. The Person and Work of Jesus in History
A. The Person of Jesus (1:1-4)
B. The Need for Jesus (1:5-10)
C. The Work of Jesus (2:1&2)
2. The Effects of Jesus in our Affections – What we Love
A. They Love Righteousness (2:3-13)
B. They Hate Worldliness (2:15-17)
C. They Withstand Deception (2:18-27)
3. The Effects of Jesus in our Actions – How We Live
A. The Root of Righteousness
i. Pursuing Purity in view of the Christ’s 2nd Coming (2:28-3:3)
ii. Practicing Purity because of Christ’s 1st Coming (3:4-6)
iii. Practicing Purity because of Re-birth. (3:7-9)
B. The Fruit of Righteousness
i. The Presence of Practical Righteousness (3:10-19)
ii. The Presence of Practical Assurance (3:20-24)
4. The Challenges to Our Affections and Actions – How We Win
A. Overcoming the Challenges of the Demonic Deception (4:1-6)
B. Overcoming the Challenges of Christian Community (4:7-21)
C. Overcoming the Challenges of Worldly Influence (5:1-12)
D. Overcoming the Challenges of Personal Doubt (5:13-21)