Friday, October 31, 2008

The New Jerusalem???

Destiny Church plans to create a ‘holy city’ his followers never have to leave

Destiny Church is planning to create a holy city for its followers in the heart of South Auckland. He is urging church members to sell up their homes around the country and move to his promised land - a suggestion that is not being welcomed by everyone. The church’s leader, Bishop Brian Tamaki has told supporters the plans are well advanced, and that donations for the project have topped $2.4 million.

Destiny Church exhibits many signs of being a cult-like church. Four years ago, Tamaki expected Destiny Church to rule New Zealand by now. At least one newspaper believes Tamaki’s destiny is irrelevance... MORE

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sobering Words about Preaching

"For myself, as I am ashamed of my dull and careless heart, and of my slow and unprofitable course of life, so, the Lord knows, I am ashamed of every sermon I preach; when I think what I have been speaking of, and who sent me, and that men’s salvation or damnation is so much concerned in it, I am ready to tremble lest God should judge me as a slighter of His truths and the souls of men, and lest in the best sermon I should be guilty of their blood.
Me thinks we should not speak a word to men in matters of such consequence without tears, or the greatest earnestness that possibly we can; were not we too much guilty of the sin which we reprove, it would be so."

Friday, October 3, 2008

Couple beaten to death in a stop-smoking "ritual"

Couple beaten to death in stop-smoking ‘cleansing ritual’

from Religion News Blog by Anton Hein

A couple who went to a relative's house to celebrate the end of Ramadan and agreed to an 'alternative treatment' to rid them of their problems, ended up dead after being battered with helmets and broomsticks during the cleansing ritual.

Five others who also participated in the ritual, including the couple's children and relatives, suffered head injuries and were being treated at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God - 2008 Desiring God Conference

I'm presently listening through this helpful conference. Worth the listen. Here's the Link to the Audio and Video - The Power of Words

Here's the Line Up:

Sinclair Ferguson - "The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing"
Driscoll, Ferguson, Piper - Friday Panel Discussion
Bob Kauflin - "Words of Wonder: What Happens When We Sing?"
Mark Driscoll - "How Sharp the Edge: Christ, Controversy, and Cutting Words"
Daniel Taylor - "The Life-Shaping Power of Story: God's and Ours"
Kauflin, Piper, Taylor, Tripp - Saturday Panel Discussion
Paul Tripp - "War of Words: Getting to the Heart for God's Sake"
John Piper - "Is There Christian Eloquence? Clear Words and the Wonder of the Cross"