Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sharing God's Love/Hate Relationship With People

jake magee
Christians harbor a fear of speaking about God's wrath towards sinful humanity. We shy away from the stark declarations of Scripture like Psalm 7:11-13,

"11 God is a righteous judge, And a God who has indignation every day. 12 If a man does not repent, He will sharpen His sword; He has bent His bow and made it ready. 13 He has also prepared for Himself deadly weapons; He makes His arrows fiery shafts. 14 Behold, he travails with wickedness"
The thought of God preparing weapons to afflict the impenitent is a bit unsettling to us, how much more the non-believer. Some fear that to thunder these kinds of verses will invariably eclipse the love of God and scare off our neighbors. God's wrath repels, God's love attracts.

Little do they know that God's love is amplified given God's righteous anger. Consider these words from Mark Dever:

"The Preacher who talks only of the love of God talk about it less and less with each sermon they preach, because there is less and less in their own mind that God loves us in spite of. There's less and less of a problem that has been dealt with; less and less weight that Christ has carrieed; less and less extent to which he has gone in his love for us."