Monday, January 21, 2008

Defining Success

by JM

Here are two working definitions of success related to ministry, one unique to me, the other I've adapted from a wise-guy.

1. Success: Whatever happens after we've prayerfully, thoughtfully, and passionately applied God-appointed tools in a relevant way to any mission.

This formulation moves us to ask a few questions:

Are results what ultimately and primarily drive us?
For some, either in theory or practice, the goal throughly defines method and practice. We must resist this view. Though results and methods are vital, they are subordinate to God's word and will. That leads to the next question.
Are the tools that we use in our ministry...
God appointed/allowed?
Appropriately applied given the mission and circumstances?
Are ministry plans...
Prayerfully Birthed?
Throughtfully Crafted?
Passionately Executed?
2. Success: the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiam to try again.