Friday, April 6, 2007

Times of Refreshing

by JM

Reflections on Acts 3:19-21

Crimes that darken mind, counsel, darken heart
Fabric of Humanity, union with Deity, ripped asunder, torn apart.
Tribunal of Heaven thundering against vile and treasonness sin
Storm clouds of rustling anger, brewing with fever, Oh Justice of God which feeds them, poised to unleash the fire within
Son of God, the Son of Man, descending from darkened Skies
God-sent Deity, unveiled before humanity, visible to mortal eyes.
Bearing without a stain, the darkness of our mind, soul, and heart.
The Fabric of His Humanity, His communion with Deity, ripped asunder, torn apart
Tribunal of Heaven thunders mercilessly against righteous and untainted Son.
Storm Clouds of anger, brewing with fever, empowered by vehement Justice, breaks forth with darkened Sun
Lamb that was slain, cross that is stained, for union to restore
God abhorred humanity, man hating deity, enmity no more
Storm Clouds scattered, righteous Sun Arisen, Bow across the skies
Times of Refreshing, glory unending, a God-redeemed Humanity, for those in whom Jesusabides